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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Cheibub, José Antonio, Thiago MQ Moreira, and Andrea Junqueira. "Preventing a War of All Against All: Geographic Sorting in OLPR Electoral Systems." Under Review.

  • Moreira, Thiago MQ, Spencer Goidel, and Brenna Armstrong. "The Partisan Effects of the Drug Crisis". Under Review.

  • Moreira, Thiago MQ. "Expanding the Constituency: The Incumbency Advantage in OLPR Elections." Under Review.

Peer-Reviewed Publications in Portuguese

Working Papers

  • Moreira, Thiago MQ. Electoral Competition and the Adoption of Official Ballot: Costs of Making Voters in Mass Electorates.

  • Kagalwala, Ali, Thiago MQ Moreira, Guy D. Whitten, and Yongzhi Xu. A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Account for Sample Selection in Multiparty Elections.

  • Cooperman, Alicia, Andrea Junqueira, Thiago MQ Moreira, and Manuela Muñoz. How do Mega Cities Decentralize Local Representation? Precinct-Level Voting Behavior and Municipal Service Provision: Evidence from Brazil and Colombia.

  • Dunaway, Johanna, Ana Beatriz Dutra, Spencer Goidel, and Thiago MQ Moreira. Clarity of Responsibility, Media, and Political Accountability

  • Gottlieb, Jessica, Florian Hollenbach, and Thiago MQ Moreira. Fiscal Capacity, Preferences over Taxation, and Distributional Consequences

  • Moreira, Thiago MQ. Vested Interests and Intra-State Politics in the Court System: Policy Change in the Brazilian States Legal Aid.

  • Fonseca, Thiago do Nascimento, and Thiago MQ Moreira. When the court faces the government.

  • Fonseca, Thiago do Nascimento, and Thiago MQ Moreira. Agenda Setting and Negotiation in Constitutional Court: Evidence from the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Book Chapters and Funded Projects

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